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DAY ONE: 21-FEB-2002. Electronics and Computer Science gained its first Wiki. Its name was UseModWiki and it was a shonky ball of Perl, from the days before Wikipedia was invented (Or at least before anyone had ever heard of it). Some undergraduate students, aspiring to be master Trollers, discovered that this Wiki was ripe for practising their fine art, and thus began a whole new ECS craze. Posting crap on a Wiki.

Those heady days are now behind us, ECS moved to MediaWiki, the same technology that powers Wikipedia, and in the process, seemingly forgot to migrate all the lulzy content, thus the magic was gone. Wikis had grown up and there was no room for playful trollery any more.

In their desperate search for a replacement troll venue, AndyLandy registered and installed his own UseModWiki. And not just any UseModWiki... This is a Marks and Spencers locally-sourced, organic, super-mega-ultra Wiki with knobs on. (Well, it's had some small hacks added to make it marginally-less shonky)

It is held in the air at by a small, charcoal-coloured Leviathan. Replacing the previous beige Leviathan, what with charcoal being the new beige.

These days, the primary function of this Wiki is to play MorningtonCrescent, document GerrardsLaws, provide additional troll-streams, and act as a repository of TemptingDanglingLinks?

It has [nothing] at all to do with PretentiOS.